Iowa Diecast Toy Show Dealer Info for Jan 6 & 7, 2024

Updated: May 15, 2023

Join us for the 12th Iowa Diecast Toy Show, taking place on January 6th and 7th, 2024 at the Elwell Building on the Iowa State Fairgrounds in Des Moines. With a history of attracting dealers and attendees from multiple states, this year’s show promises to be even more exciting.

We are actively seeking dealers who specialize in selling a wide range of new, old, and customized die-cast toys. Our show welcomes various types of collectibles, including farm toys of all scales (such as Ertl, SpecCast, Scale Models), construction toys (Norscot, First Gear, Ertl, NZG, Conrad, Sword), semi-trucks (DCP, PEM, Tonkin, Ertl, SpecCast), trucks, older pressed steel vehicles, firetrucks, police cars, emergency vehicles, Hot Wheels, Matchbox, cars of all scales (Ertl American Muscle, SunStar, Danbury & Franklin Mint), pedal tractors, pedal cars, Nascar, NHRA (Action, Ertl, Revell, Brookfield), toy parts, decals, toy restorers, HO scale trains, farm toy-related memorabilia, airplanes, custom displays (wood & acrylic), model kits, and custom and scratch-built toys. We also extend a warm invitation to FFA, 4-H, and collector-related groups.

To ensure your participation in the show, make sure to submit your contract early. Returning dealers who submit their contracts by November 6, 2023, will receive space preference. After this date, table space will be assigned based on the submission date of contracts, the number of tables requested, and inventory type. Early submissions are especially important if you require more than 2 tables as a new dealer.

Interested dealers can contact us by phone or email to request a dealer contract. The tables/spaces provided will be 8 ft long, and dealers can rent from 1-8 tables/spaces (we reserve the right to limit it to 4 tables per dealer if necessary; new dealers may receive fewer than 4 tables). Table/space rent covers both Saturday and Sunday, and dealers are required to be present and set up during the entire show on both days.

On the Friday before the show, dealers will have access to the building between 3-9pm for table setup. Please refrain from arriving early, as we will be finalizing our setup during that time. The concession stand will be open on Saturday and Sunday for food purchases; however, dealers are not permitted to sell any food products inside the building, as per Iowa State Fairgrounds regulations.

For those in need of hotel accommodations, several options are available in the area. We will announce a block of reserved rooms for dealers in the fall of 2023. For a complete listing of hotels, you can visit the Greater Des Moines Convention & Visitor Bureau website.

Leading up to the toy show, we will advertise through various channels, including the Iowa Diecast Toy Show Facebook permanent page, the Iowa Diecast Toy Show event page on Facebook, the National Farm Toy Show, the Travel Iowa Calendar of Events online, updates on the Ag Farm Toys website and Facebook page, in-store flyers for IDT customers during the holiday season, notices in local advertising venues and event calendars), postings on the Iowa State Fairgrounds calendar and digital billboards, postings on the Greater Des Moines Convention & Visitor Bureau calendar, emails to our customer database, Toy Farmer ads, and posts on additional Facebook pages.

We are looking for dealers to sell the following types of new, old and customized die-cast toys (list is not all inclusive):

  • Farm toys of all scales (Ertl, SpecCast, Scale Models, etc)
  • Construction toys (Norscot, First Gear, Ertl, NZG, Conrad, Sword, etc)
  • Semi’s (DCP, PEM, Tonkin, Ertl, SpecCast)
  • Trucks
  • Older Pressed Steel vehicles
  • Firetrucks, Police Cars & Emergency vehicles
  • Hot Wheels & Matchbox
  • Cars of all scales (Ertl American Muscle, SunStar, Danbury & Franklin Mint, etc)
  • Pedal Tractors & Cars
  • Nascar, NHRA (Action, Ertl, Revell, Brookfield, etc)
  • Toy Parts & Decals
  • Toy Restorers
  • HO Scale Trains & Vehicles
  • Farm Toy Related Memorabilia (Signs, Clothing, Hats, Buckles, Pictures, Barns, etc)
  • Airplanes
  • Custom Displays (Wood & Acrylic)
  • Model Kits
  • Custom and Scratch Built Toys
  • FFA, 4-H & Collector Related Groups

Additionally we are excited to announce our NE Iowa Diecast Toy Show, which will hold its fourth show in NE Iowa on April 6, 2024 in Decorah.