1/16 John Deere 70 Diesel NF Tractor, Precision Classics #7 – Ertl condition:open


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1/16 die-cast metal John Deere 70 Diesel Narrow Front Tractor, Precision Classics #7 - Mfd by Ertl in 1995

This great looking tractor has die-cast rims, rubber tires, battery box, seat with backrest, power steering, hand clutch, fuel cap, exhaust stack, coolant cup, easy to clean grille, rotating fan, tricycle front end, sediment bowl, belt pulley, rack and pinion wheel adjustment, movable throttle lever, steerable front axle, instrument panel, air cleaner, shielded PTO and hydraulic outlets.

Age 14+, not meant to be played with.
Box opened for inspection.  Plastic is on the tires.  Tractor is shiny and mint.  One box side is taped and box has shelf wear.  Styrofoam insert was marked to line up the sides of the insert.

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