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Standi Toy History
Stan Krueger started Standi Toys in 1981 by making replacement fenders for 1/16th scale toy tractors.  The parts were a success and the company was born.  “Standi” originates from “Stan” and “di” from his wife Sandi.  There first shop was in Ham Lake, MN, then moved to Hugo, MN and in 1993 they made final move to a location in Somerset, WI.

Over the years Standi continued to make 1/16 scale replacement parts and realistic rubber tires.  They are were known for many 1/64 scale toys including grain bins, augers, dryers, grain drills, feeder wagons and hay and forage implements.  In 1987, Stan decided it was time transition from working as an accountant to running Standi Toys full-time. Standi also made aluminum cattle pots, semi-trailers and metal farm buildings.
Standi attended many of the farm toy shows across the country including the National Farm Toy Show in Dyersville, IA, Lafeyette Farm Toy Show, Gateway Toy Show in St Louis as well as many of the large national farm shows such as Louisville, KY, Fort Wayne, IN and World Dairy Expo.

In 2014, Standi sold their building in Somerset and Mini Truck & Tractor took over operations of the business. On November 15, 2015 Sandi passed away unexpectedly.  In August of 2016 Standi Toys was sold to Mini Truck & Tractor, LLC. Since taking over Standi Toys, Mini Truck and Tractor has added more items to the product line such as the 8600 hay heads. Thet also reintroduced the quonset shed from an original Standi pattern, the monoslope cattle barn, hoop shed, 20.8-38 double cut pulling tires, and retooled the 11L-16 and 12.5L-16 tractor fronts. They also have many 3D printed and laser cut grain handling accessories.

Stan Kruger passed away on March 22, 2021.

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