Die-Cast Promotions

The Die-Cast Promotions Detail Series of Tractor/Trailers raises the standard for high detail in 1/64 scale die-cast metal collectibles. Early semi’s were available in four levels of detail, from Series I through Series IV, each utilizes varying state-of-the-art manufacturing processes to replicate all the features of the actual cabs and trailers. Features include durable baked paint finishes, gleaming chrome detail and rear rubber tires.

  1. Series I: Removable cab with detailed engine; detailed cab, sleeper and trailer interior; working suspension
  2. Series II: Die-cast cab and trailer; detailed cab and trailer interior; opening trailer doors; working suspension
  3. Series III: Die-cast cab and trailer; opening trailer doors; detailed cab interior; real rubber tires
  4. Series IV: Die-cast metal cab; high-detailed trailer; free rolling wheels; real rubber tires

DCP is now owned by First Gear, who continues to produce semis with a variety of brand names, and a large variety of trailers and loads.

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    1/32 Summers DK2610 Diamond Disk, 50th Anniversary – DCP (2015)

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