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Store Location


Iowa Diecast Toys LLC,
DBA Ag Farm Toys
811 Gunder Estates Blvd,
Clermont, IA 52135

The Iowa Diecast Toys store is located in beautiful Northeast Iowa, in Clermont which is situated in the Turkey River Valley on Hwy 18. See the map below.

On Hwy 18, Clermont is: 9 miles northeast of West Union, 8 miles southwest of Postville, 20 miles northwest of Elkader, and 35 minutes southeast of Decorah.

In Clermont turn onto Stone St by the statue of President Lincoln and go south about 3/4 mile. The turn to the store is on the right hand side after you pass the campground and is immediately after you go over a little bridge (Turn right onto Deer Valley). Once you turn in, continue to the right onto Gunder Estates Blvd and it is the cream colored building at the end of the road.

Nicknamed "Brick City" Clermont has a number of historical sites located in Clermont including the Heritage Farm Park, Montauk Historic Governor's Home (Iowa's 12th Governor), Civil War statues, a Model A John Deere Tractor, Village Blacksmith Shop, Clermont Museum, Union Sunday School with the world's largest pneumatic Kimball Pipe Organ, a Hart Parr Tractor, the John Deere lawnmower from the movie Straight Story and more.

Due to the beautiful Turkey River valley it is located in, Clermont has 3 campgrounds to accommodate the influx of summer visitors who come to hike and bike on the local trails, and canoe, kayak or tube on the Turkey River. For those that like to view the beautiful fall leaves, it is a beautiful drive from Clermont down to Elkader (and right past our toy store).

From Clermont you can get to several other popular tourist locations in NE Iowa: Decorah, home of Luther College and numerous parks(37 minutes), Marquette/McGregor Antique Shops(30 minutes), Spook Cave(25 minutes), Irish Shanti restaurant the home of the 1 lb Gunder Burger (8 minutes), Elkader Antique Shops & Pedretti Bakery(20 minutes), Pikes Peak State Park(35 minutes), Villa Louis in Prairie Du Chien(35 minutes), Effigy Mounds National Park(40 minutes).