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Wholesale Toys

I wholesale some farm toys, W Britain soldiers and First Gear items.

As of March 2014 we have made some changes to how we wholesale items to make the process faster and easier for everyone. We have added a new feature to the website called "Volume Pricing." The items that we have available for wholesale, we now have the volume pricing option listed on the specific item pages. If you want to see which items have the volume pricing option, type the words "volume pricing" in the search box and it will list all qualifying items. When you click on the code number or picture of a specific item, it will take you to the page with the volume pricing listed. You then type the quantity you want (from the options given) into the box and click on the update button and it will add the item to your shopping cart and adjust the price appropriately.

You can also narrow your search to be more specific such as: 1/64 volume pricing, 1/16 volume pricing, First Gear volume pricing, W Britain volume pricing, etc.

Attention: please note that if you order a large quantity of items, it may override the USPS/UPS built in shipping calculators due to the high weight volume and it will not list the shipping charges (it will say Free Local Pickup From Des Moines Store). If this happens we will determine what the shipping costs are for multiple boxes to your location, and contact you for payment. All items must be paid in full before we will ship them.

No other discount can be applied to the volume price.

Additional Wholesale Policies:

If you have questions call us at 515-266-8697.

Orders must be for full cases (i.e. I do not wholesale price 1 only items) or in the volume pricing quantities listed.

Each case shipped is insured up to $100. by UPS. If you want additional insurance to cover the total cost of the items per case, the buyer will be responsible for the cost of the extra insurance fee's.

If you do not have a registered UPS business address, you will be responsible for the extra UPS residential surcharges for each case shipped. Having a UPS account does not automatically mean you are a registered UPS business site (homes businesses do not qualify under UPS rules).

For all orders received any defects must be reported to us within one week of receiving the merchandise.

Prices, specifications & availability are subject to change without notice.