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John Deere Toys & Tractors

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The four most common farm toy versions are the: shelf model, collector edition, precision and pedal tractor. These versions vary by length of manufacture and detail of the model.

The shelf model is usually manufactured over a period of several years and is not as valuable as a limited or collector edition toy. The limited or collector editions are limited to a one time order or a limited quantity produced which raises its value. The precision series is a toy replica that is highly detailed with wire and filters on the model and is released in a numbered series. The precisions are popular with many serious collectors. The pedal tractors are the ride-on versions of new and vintage tractors.

The most common scales of farm toy replicas are 1/8, 1/16, 1/32, 1/43, and 1/64. Most hobbyists collect the 1/16 scale model which is a model that measures one inch for every sixteen inches of a real version tractor or implement. This translates to a model or a standard tractor that is roughly five to nine inches tall and seven to sixteen inches long. A 1/64 scale tractor is about the size of a large matchbox toy car.

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