“Puff” Gunship 4th Air Command Military DC-3 C-47 Airplane – Ertl Prestige Series

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Limited edition Ertl Collectibles Prestige Series Military Douglas DC-3/C-47 Replica Airplane (FC-47 "Puff" Gunship 4th Air Command Squadron Da Nang 1966). This plane was piloted by Capt. Jack Harvey in 1965 in Da Nang as a gunship, later in Menard it was converted to camoflauge. Printed on the plane is "D-48579" and "Puff." This plane was nicknamed "Puff" because of its fire power. It also has a picture of a dragon head breathing fire near the nose of the plane.

This plane is a fully assembled, highly detailed, 1:72 scale (wing span of 15-3/4" x 10-1/2" fuselage), has retractable landing gear, rotating propellers, opening passenger/cargo door, recessed panel detail, tampo graphics and a die cast metal stand to display the plane as if it was "in flight." The paint on this plane is done in camoflauge.

This plane was mfd in 1995 and is new in mint condition in the original mint unopened box. It is one of 7 military inspired DC-3 replicas made by Ertl. The DC-3 had fame in the military as well as in passenger and freight assignments. All branches of the armed forces used them during and after WWII. The DC-3 was called a C-47 and used as a military transport (British RAF called them a Dakota). The plane also earned the generic nickname Gooney Bird. All 7 of the planes in the series carry official marking of specific aircraft from WWII to the Vietnam War era.

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