Pressed Steel John Wanamaker IH Transtar Tractor Trailer Semi – Fred Ertl Collection


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Pressed Steel John Wanamaker International Transtar Tractor Trailer Semi - Fred Ertl Collection

This item originally came from Fred Ertl's personal collection of toys.

The certificate of authenticity is signed by Fred Ertl and has the box rating listed.

Both the box and the semi have been signed by Fred Ertl. There is also a metal tag attached which says, "F Ertl Jr" on one side.

The box rating is a 4.5 out of 5.0

Additional features include:

*Detachable trailer

*Trailer doors open wide for maximum loading

*Chrome detailed grille, wheel hubs, fuel tank and exhaust stack

*Rugged steel construction

*Special engineer grade axle bearing for quality long life action

*Fully detailed cab interior

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