John Deere Collector Antique Wood Farm Wagon (1988 Green Goat Wagon)


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John Deere Collector Antique Wood Farm Wagon, mfd in 1988


This wagon is typically referred to as the "Goat Wagon," by collectors.


#1510 Wagon


The John Deere Summer 1988 Catalog description stated, "This utterly charming wagon is a mini replica of a wagon we sold around the turn of the century.  Back then, farmers would go to town, fill up their wagons with supplies, and return home. Actually, this really was the predecessor to our modern-day station wagon.  Our fully workable replica wagon is handcrafted of hard maple and poplar, finished in genuine John Deere green and yellow paint.  Cast-aluminum wheels replicate wood wheels with iron rims.  Wagon is 36 inches long, 17 inches wide.  Weight is 78 lbs.  A perfect planter, serving cart, toy chest or toy.  #1510 Wagon."


Back when these came out in 1988 these wagons cost $425.


They have become hard to find, especially still unassembled and new in the box as this one is.


Picture of the assembled goat wagon is just for reference, the one you will receive is new in the box and is not assembled. Box is a little worn (we will add pieces of cardboard around the sides to protect it in shipping).


This is an oversized and heavy item, so it will incur higher than normal shipping charges.  It will ship by itself.

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