Grizzly Bear Cub – Safari North American Wildlife


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Grizzly Bear Cub - Safari North American Wildlife

Age 3+

active, friendly poses are professionally sculpted, and the lifelike
colors are individually hand painted, so collectors and children alike
will be wowed by the realism of these Safari Ltd® replicas.

All Safari products are lead free and thoroughly safety tested
Size in inches: 2.95 L x 1.38 H
common belief, grizzly bears aren’t one single species. Instead, they
are any North American subspecies of brown bear, including the mainland
and peninsular grizzly, as well as the Kodiak bear. In fact, scientists
often refer grizzlies as North American brown bears.
Grizzly bears are notorious for being more aggressive than other bear species, but this is largely in part due to how fiercely grizzly bear mothers defend their cubs. Young grizzly bears will stay with their mothers for up to 3 years, however nearly half of all grizzly bear cubs don’t live past their first year. With that in mind, before you take this cute cub home make sure to also pick up its mother to ensure it’s as safe as possible!

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