Ertl Farm Country Farmstead Set with Red Truck (245 Pieces)


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Farm Country Farmstead Set with Red Truck (245 Pieces) - mfd by Ertl in 1991.


This hard to find set includes a cattle shed, farm house, hog shed, grain bin, board fencing, cattle troughs, cattle feeders, horse, colt, calves, cows, round bale feeders, round bales, farmer figure, seed and feed sacks, square bales, sawhorses, stock tanks, hen/rooster, pickup, sand box, boy, yard swing, dinner bell, mailbox, figures, picnic table, ducks, picket fence sections, swing set, piglets, hogs, hog waterers, hog feeders, tube-style gates, farmer, dog, hog tight fence sections, hog troughs, signs and cattle waterers.


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