Ertl Farm Country Deluxe Farm Set (169 Pieces)


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Farm Country Deluxe Farm Set (169 Pieces) - mfd by Ertl in 1994.


This hard to find set includes a barn, animal sheds, fencing, milking stanchions, cattle, hog feeder, seed & feed sacks, wheelbarrow, horses, colts, waterer, calves, hog trough, farmer, dog, cattle feeder, loading chute, ducks, hand water pump, milker buckets, bulk tank, fuel tanks, die-cast metal truck, piglets, hogs, cattle trough, hay bales, extension ladder, windmill, stave silo, drive-through corncrib, flag, stock tank, chickens, roosters, gates, saw horses, hog fencing and feed bunk.


The animal sheds and barn can be used in different configurations.


This set is new in the box. The box is still tape sealed.


The original price sticker is on the box.


Age 5+

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