ertl Camion-Remorque Dominion – Canada – Because of the Meat Chevy Titan Semi Tractor Trailer


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ertl 1/25 Camion-Remorque Dominion - Canada "Because of the Meat" Chevy Titan Semi Tractor Trailer.

This truck was made in 1979 to celebrate 60 years of Dominion meats 1919 - 1979. It is a little dusty.

This item originally came from Fred Ertl's personal collection of toys.

This truck is in the very old RED box.

The certificate of authenticity is signed by Fred Ertl and has the box rating listed.

Both the box and the semi have been signed by Fred Ertl.

There is also a metal tag attached which says, "F Ertl Jr" on one side.

The box rating is a 4.5 out of 5.0

Pressed Steel ertl Dominion - Canada Chevy Titan Semi Tractor Trailer - Signed by Fred Ertl

Stock number 3128, Lot 349

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