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Chicken - Safari Farm Animals

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One of the most popular barnyard chickens is the white Leghorn, an excellent layer and medium-sized bird. It’s a hardy breed originally from Italy that weighs six to seven pounds as an adult. As chicks, Leghorns are cute, yellow, and fluffy.

  • Scientific Name: Gallus domesticus
  • Characteristics: This classic white Leghorn chicken is a farm favorite. The green platform ensures that it stands sturdily and allows ease of play on all surfaces.
  • Size and Color: This Leghorn has white feathers with a red comb and wattle, along with yellow beak and legs, all chosen for realism. It measures 2 ¼ inches tall, making it about the size of a saltine cracker.

Find out why the chicken really crossed the road when this colorful bird joins your brood. Safari Farm is home to dozens of lively farm animals. Each animal figurine is professionally sculpted and hand-painted, making our educational farm collectibles the favorites of children and collectors. Also, our Farm toys are designed at the same scale as our Winner’s Circle Horses, so the collections may be combined into a huge farm play set.

Measurements: 1.66' x 2.15' x 0.00' ( 4.25 cm x 5.50 cm x cm )

All Safari products are lead free and thoroughly safety tested

Recommended Age: 3+

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