1/64 Western Distributing Peterbilt Model 351 Long Frame Cab with 63” Sleeper and 40’ Van Traile


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1/64 die-cast metal Western Distributing Peterbilt Model 351 Long Frame Cab with 63" Sleeper and 40’
Van Trailer - mfd by First Gear in 2019

On the side of the tractor it says, "Italian Stallion," and "Frank."  On the air foil it has an eagle pictured and says, "Fly Like An Eagle."

Western Distributing Trans., Corp is located out of Denver, CO.

Age 14+, not meant for play

Picture is of a prototype.

First Gear has
teamed up again with Denver, CO. based Western Distributing Transportation
Corporation (WTDC) to offer this limited edition 1:64
th scale
Peterbilt Model 351 Tractor w/ vintage 40’  Refrigerated Trailer. 
This model celebrates a unique Western Distributing fleet truck from years
back.  Driven by one of the most senior driver’s at WTDC, Mr. Frank
Piroddi .  Frank has been working at WTDC since 1975, 43 years of service
to date and is currently driving, according to Frank his last truck, truck #
777 for good luck.  Truck # 777, coincidently, was the tractor number of
his very first truck too. 

Frank’s handle
for his first truck was the “Italian Stallion” as graphically represented on
the side of the tractor’s sleeper.  The “Fly Like an Eagle” graphic,
emblazoned on the air deflector, was added later per a request, as Frank was
known for his speed.  He used to pick up WTDC’s hardest/most complicated
wine mixers in California and still holds the record at fourteen (14) pickups
of wine in California in one (1) day!

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