1/64 CR England KW K100 COE Flat Top Sleeper w Wabash Double Pup Trailers – DCP by First Gear


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1/64 die-cast metal C.R. England Kenworth K100 COE Flat Top Sleeper with Air Foil & Wabash 28' Double Pup Dry Goods Trailers - DCP by First Gear

Mfd in 2022
Measures approximately 15in L x 1.75in W x 2.75in H
Age 14+, not meant for play
Picture is of prototype
Chester R. (C. R.) England started his company in 1920 with the purchase of his first Model T Truck.
Surviving The Great Depression in the 1930s and World War II of the 1940s through hard work and
determination, the business grew. C.R. England was transformed in the 1960s after filing applications to
haul freight other than potatoes and fresh fruit and vegetables, adding a new array of products and
opening geographical lanes. By the 1980s, C.R. England was on the map with about 180 trucks in their fleet.
The 1990s saw huge growth with the adoption of mobile communications and the opening of their own
driving school. Now C.R. England welcomes its 4th generation of management and has celebrated its 100-
year anniversary.

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