1/64 Chrome Pickup Headache Rack, Louvered Style – TractorFab


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1/64 Chrome Pickup Headache Rack, Louvered Style - mfd by TractorFab

Cab guard or headache rack for pickup truck, Louvered style.

Fits most 1/64 scale pickups.  

Chromed stainless Steel.

Age 14+

Skill Level 1 

Directions: When installing one of the TractorFab headache racks, first paint the desired color, or leave silver for the Chrome look. Determine which way you prefer the recessed portion of the racks. The recessed louvers are intended to be visible, so the flat side will go against the cab. However, they can go either way. Apply a bead of glue to the bottom edge, and place on the front edge of the pickup body. TractorFab recommends Duco Cement for an adhesive

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