1/50 Cat 797 Off-Highway Mining Truck – NZG (2001)


Stock #: 466nzg

1/50 die-cast metal Cat 797 Off-Highway Mining Truck - mfd by NZG (1999-2001)
Age 14+
Mfd in 1999-2001
Has a couple of tiny paint chips along edges where it rubbed against the styrofoam insert. The decal on the front is also a little worn on the edge from rubbing against the box styrofoam.  Otherwise this truck looks awesome, with great detail.
I have seen this pieces priced up to $800 elsewhere.
Due to its size and detail this piece will ship by itself.
In real life this truck has a 1000 gallon fuel tank, and the gross machine operating weight is 1,314,000 lbs.

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