1/34 Manatt’s Iowa Speedway IH Paystar w Bridgemaster Mixer (Rusty Wallace) – First Gear


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1/34 die-cast metal Manatt's Iowa Speedway IH Paystar w Bridgemaster Mixer (Rusty Wallace) - mfd by First Gear

Age 14+

This mixer has the most detailed graphics of a project ever done by First Gear. It is a beautiful looking piece.

There are 15 real mixers like this one rolling around Iowa. NASCAR driver, Rusty Wallace consulted on every phase of the Iowa Speedway track construction in Newton, Iowa and on a visit to the state fair he signed the drum of one of the real life mixers. It is this mixer that the replica was done of. The real life mixers have 115 separate stickers per truck and over 15,000 square feet of laminate for the entire project. This mixer replica has sports hood flames, commemorative fender stickers, door number #234, the Rusty Wallace signature and a beautifully detailed drum.

This truck belonged to International's 5000 series but is now re-badged with the PayStar name. First Gear is offering the first truck replicas featuring the new badge. This replica is constructed from almost 200 parts. The engine compartment along has almost 30 parts including right and left engine block, valve cover, turbo manifold oil pan, transmission, air conditioner and belts, alternator and belts, fan, radiator and shroud, radiator hoses, coolant bottle, washer bottle, air filter and cap, oil filter, etc. The cab is designed from factory specs and includes side marker lights, a seperate right side cab vent, air horn, visor, chrome grab bars, side mirrors, spot mirror, chrome windshield wipers, and window mirror. The opening hood has a chrome grille, headlights with chrome bezels and 2 amber fender lights. Individual parts on the chassis include front and rear air brake cyclinders, front and rear shocks, fluid tank hoses, front and rear differential torsion bars, tie rod, fuel tank and cap, rear suspension beams, pusher wheel air bag, battery box and air tank. There is also a hydraulic fluid tank and lift base, hydraulic cylinders, PTO pump cover and pusher wheel cross brace.

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