1/32 Black Matte Case IH AFS Connect™ Magnum 400 Tractor w Duals, Prestige Series – Ertl


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1/32 die-cast metal Black Matte Case IH AFS Connect™ Magnum 400 Tractor with Front and Rear Duals - Ertl Prestige Collection 2020
Age 14+
This is a limited production run for the introduction of the new AFS Connect™ Magnum™ 400 tractor. 
Features "AFS Connect - Farm Your Way 2020" pad print on cab roof. The new redesigned cab features the MultiControl armrest and MultiFunction handle. New fenders, new front grill and Tri-Stripe decals complete the new exterior look. Additional features include soft feel tires mounted on plastic and die-cast wheels, opening hood, oscillating front axle, steerable front MFWD tires and three point hitch that raises and lowers. An authentic style rear drawbar with hammer strap are additional details. 
These special black matte 'chase' tractors were randomly inserted into the master cartons throughout the production run.  The regular red/black version of this tractor is sold separately.

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