1/25 High’s Quality Dairy Products IH S Series Truck and Trailer Semi – Fred Ertl Collection


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1/25 High's Quality Dairy Products IH S Series Truck and Trailer Semi - Signed by Fred Ertl

Mfd in early 1986, comes in the original red and yellow box.

On the side of the trailer it says, "High's Quality Dairy Products From Our Farms To Our Stores."  It also has the REAL Dairy logo on the side of the trailer.

This item originally came from Fred Ertl's personal collection of toys.  He auctioned this item on 08-31-2002.

The certificate of authenticity is signed by Fred Ertl and has the box rating listed.

The box and semi have both been signed by Fred Ertl. There is also a metal tag attached which says, "F Ertl Jr" on one side.

The box rating is a 4.5 out of 5.0

Additional features include:
*Dual rear doors open wide for maximum loading
*Floating tandem rear axles
*Fifth wheel type steering on van

*Rugged steel construction
To protect this piece it will ship by itself.  If you order additional items at the same time, they will ship separately.

Hard to find piece in the original box. 

Stock number 3152, Lot 336.

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