1/25 Allis-Chalmers Ford Econoline Van with Crates – First Gear


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1/25 die-cast metal Allis-Chalmers Ford Econoline Van with 3 Crates - mfd by First Gear in 2016


Age 14+, not meant for play


This exciting all new diecast metal replica features authentic body design with the familiar "flat nose" cab-over front end and opening passenger side cargo doors. The interior cargo area details include the ceiling mounted dome lights and ribbed floors. Inside the cab you'll see the detailed dashboard and door panels, engine cover, seats and steering wheel.


The undercarriage features engine and transmission detail, complete exhaust system, oil filter, drive shaft, fuel tank, and springs detail. There are plenty of chrome-plated accessories including the front and rear bumpers, headlight bezels, side mirrors and wheel hubs.


This great looking new replica measures 6.75"L x 3.5"W x 3.123"H


The first-generation Ford Econoline, or E-Series, van was introduced in September of 1960 as the 1961 model, and was based on design sketches that dated back to 1957. The Econoline was unlike any other truck previously offered by Ford. Many falsely assume the Econoline was always built on a body-on-frame truck chassis, when in fact the first-generation models were manufactured on the Ford Falcon passenger car chassis, making them considerably smaller than the van models you see today.


The flat nose Econoline was a light duty work truck that featured a unibody construction with the engine located between and behind the front seats of the cab-over design. The huge windshield with no hood out in front, provided superb visibility. As the name implies, the first generation Econoline combined a lightweight design with a gas saving 6-cylinder engine with three-speed manual transmission, which made it an economical vehicle to operate. The Econoline offers 204 cubic feet of load space, which was sixty-four present more than the old-style 1/2 ton panel vans. The van floor is low and flat from front to rear to give full support for long packages. Ford originally projected more Econoline pickups would be produce than vans, but buyers preferred the conventional body design and , in its first year, nearly 30,000 Econoline vans were produced. The 1961 Econoline made Ford the first American manufacture to offer a van series as it is now known.


Although considerably smaller than today's vans, the compact Econoline van was a very popular choice as a work utility vehicle. The Bell Telephone System adopted it into its fleet of service trucks shortly after the introduction of the model. The Econoline van was inexpensive to maintain and operate due to its versatility. It would become the model of choice for many businesses, from bakery and flower delivery, to laundry and plumbing services.

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