1/16 John Deere Model A Tractor on Steel, 1993 Nashville Expo Spec Ed PRECISION – Ertl


Stock #: 560CA-Nashville

1/16 John Deere A Tractor on Steel, Precision Classics #1 (Reissued for the 1993 John Deere Expo in Nashville) - mfd by Ertl


On the front of the box it has a sticker that says, "Special Edition EXPO '93 Nashville, January 17-30."


Mfd in 1993.


The tractor is still sealed in the original styrofoam. The booklet and collector's coin are included.


Features include: Inclining Pedal, Float-Ride Seat, 3-Point Swivel Hitch, Side Mounted Control Console, Detailed Lights, Rubber Tires, Die-cast Rims, Deep Ribbed Tires, Front Power Shaft Guard, Engine Crankcase Oil Filler, Speed Pedal, Fuel Injector, Fuel Pump, Adjustable Wide Front End, Fuel Filter, Radiator Fan, Fuel Filler Cap, Radiator Filler Cap, Power Shift Transmission, Duel Headlights, Side Mounted Control Console, Hand Hold, Authentic Decals and Industrial Design.


Age 14+, not meant for play

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