1/16 John Deere 4000 WF Tractor, Precision Classics #5 – Ertl (New)

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1/16 John Deere 4000 Wide Front Tractor with ROPs, Precision Classics #5 - mfd by Ertl in 1994


The styrofoam insert is factory sealed.


Features include Roll-Gard Protective Structure, Float-Ride Seat, Universal 3 Point Hitch, Center Link & Draft Link, Die-cast Rims, Deep-Ribbed Rubber Tires, Speed Pedal, Engine Crankcase Oil Filler, Fuel Injector, Fuel Pump. Speed Pedal, Adjustable Wide Front End, Fuel Filter, Radiator Fan, Fuel Filler Cap, Radiator Filler Cap, Syncho-Range Transmission, Headlights, Side-Mounted Control Console, and Float-Ride Seat.Box has been opened, faded. Still has coin and book.


Age 14+, not meant for play

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