1/16 Black Truck Cake Feeder – Little Buster Toys


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1/16 Black Truck Cake Feeder - mfd by Little Buster Toys

Age 3+
Suggested retail is $19.99
The Cake Feeder by Little Buster Toys will keep your Little Buster herd nourished! The Cake Feeder is designed to work with both the Little Buster Toys Flatbed Farm Truck and/or Flatbed Hay Truck by sliding the Cake Feeder over the window guard. 


  • All Metal Construct
  • Fully Functioning Feed Bin Lid and Side Chute
  • Dimensions 
  • 6.125"L X 2.75" T x 2"W
Does not include any animals, bales or trucks.  They can be purchased separately.

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