1/50 MTS (Mobil Track Solutions) 3630 Switchback Tractor, High Detail – SpecCast


Stock #: MTS001

1/50 die-cast metal MTS (Mobil Track Solutions) 3630 Switchback Tractor, Highly Detailed - mfd by SpecCast in 2023


This listing is just for the 3630 switchback tractor, the scraper shown in one picture is sold separately. The paint scheme of the tractor's railings matches the standalone picture of the tractor itself.


Age 14+, not meant for play


From the MTS website: "Another INDUSTRY FIRST from Mobile Track Solutions with a 630HP tractor capable of towing straight tongue and gooseneck scrapers!  We’ve taken all the systems we’ve been refining on the 3630 and carried them over to this new SWITCHBACK platform.  Equipped with the CAT C18 Engine and CAT TA22H Transmission this unit takes CONSTRUCTION GRADE to a new level"

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