1/32 John Deere X9 1000 Combine w C16F Corn & HD45F Draper Heads – Ertl Prestige Collection


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1/32 John Deere X9 1000 Combine with Corn & Draper Heads - Ertl Prestige Collection

Mfd in 2023

Includes a HD45F draper head and C16F folding corn head. Additional features include power-folding auger, dual front wheels, pivoting rear axle, pivoting front ladder, movable feeder housing, opening right side panel and drop-down ladder. The corn head has folding wings, rotating augers and active end feeders. The hinged frame draper head has a flexible cutter bar, rotating auger, and rotating reels with swivel fingers.

Age 14+, not meant for play.

This is a pre-order item and is not due to arrive until February 2023 (date is estimated by the mfr).  If you order additional items at the same time, they will ship separately.  If this note is still posted, the tractor has not arrived yet.


Only 6 left in stock

Available approximately February 28, 2023.




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