1/16 John Deere “D” Tractor on Steel with Base, 100th Anniversary – Ertl


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1/16 die-cast metal John Deere "D" Tractor on Steel with Base, 100th Anniversary - mfd by Ertl in 2023


In celebration of the monumental 100th anniversary of the John Deere D tractor, this extraordinary piece is crafted to commemorate this significant milestone.


Includes a collector insert to signify this special anniversary.


The tractor showcases a die-cast frame, hood, wheels, front axle, flywheel, and fenders, ensuring authenticity in every detail. It is expertly attached to a display base, enhancing its presentation and making it a true centerpiece.


Adding a touch of exclusivity, the production run includes 100 randomly inserted gold chrome units (if we receive any chase units they will be sold separately).


This limited-edition piece is a one-time production so don't miss your opportunity to own this John Deere D tractor.


Age 14+, not built for play.


This tractor is sold out from the manufacturer.


Only 4 left in stock




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