1/16 John Deere 4020 Diesel WF Tractor w Duals & Cab, 60th Anniversary – Ertl


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1/16 die-cast metal John Deere 4020 Diesel Wide Front Tractor with Rear Duals & Cab, 60th Anniversary Edition - mfd by Ertl in 2023


Celebrate the momentous 60th anniversary of the introduction of the iconic John Deere 4020 with this remarkable unit that faithfully replicates the early model. Designed to pay homage to the original, this collector's item proudly showcases the anniversary through a dedicated insert.


Equipped with a wide front axle and dual rear wheels, this unit captures the authentic essence of the 4020. It boasts distinctive features like a round muffler and the signature John Deere cab, further accentuating its nostalgic charm.


This limited-edition production guarantees a one-time opportunity to own a piece of history and commemorate the enduring legacy of the John Deere 4020.


Adding an extra touch of exclusivity, the production run includes 60 randomly inserted gold chrome chase units (if we receive any of the chase units they will be sold separately).


Age 14+, not designed for play.


Picture is of a prototype.


This tractor sold out from the manufacturer prior to its release.


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