Scale Models

Scale Model Toys has been manufacturing miniature agricultural tractors and implements since 1978. In the past 40+ years we have grown to where they are today.  Scale Models is the only remaining American manufacturer of replica farm toys for the agricultural Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM).

Scale Models products include:

  • 1:4 scale modern & antique pedal tractors
  • 1:8 scale collectible tractors
  • 1:16 scale modern & antique tractors

Scale Model Toys is privately owned by their founder, Joe Ertl, and is a division of Joseph L. Ertl Inc. They have no affiliation with Joe’s previous family business (The Ertl Company), today known as Tomy (Ertl).

In 1999, Joe was inducted into the National Farm Toy Hall of Fame. As a businessman, Joe is committed to keeping jobs in the Dyersville community. Therefore, they are proud to say that all of the Scale Model products are Made In America.

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