Nuremberg Diecast Models, mostly known for its initials NZG is a German mfr of diecast scale models primarily in 1:50 scale for use both as toys and promotional models mainly by heavy transport and construction equipment mfrs. NZG specializes in a wide variety of heavy equipment types ranging from hand pallet movers, forklifts, scissors lifts, reach stackers, power generators and skidsteers to front loaders, shovels, excavators, graders, and mammoth ore carrying dump trucks. Caterpillar and other engines and machinery are sometimes also made and displayed free-standing. Some offerings, like pavement profilers, road rollers, pipelayers, large cranes and drill rigs have also been offered, and NZG seems to have the market cornered in promoting many models for a variety of mfrs. Their details are intricate and sometimes delicate.

On early German toys the abbreviation “Ges. Gesch.” was short for the German for “trademark registered”. This may have led to the eventual name of the predecessor toy firm of Gescha which was established in 1923. The Conrad website says that Conrad – a family name – started making diecast models in 1956, however Gescha used the Conrad name as a sub-brand first. Most diecast truck and heavy equipment models, for which Conrad became most well-known, were marketed as Gescha in the 1960s and 1970s. The name Conrad was increasingly used through the 1970s and by about 1980, the Gescha name was discontinued. Conrad today has a line of over 90 separate models, mostly trucks and cranes. The appearance and finish of the diecast models themselves is similar to its competitor, NZG Models.

Lately, some NZG Models have been marketed under the Conrad name, but normally the two companies remain fairly autonomous from one another, while competing for similar contracts. For example, Conrad had the Caterpillar line of construction vehicles through about 1990, but the licenses changed over to NZG sometime after.

Today NZG & Conrad both have their toys mfd overseas. On our website we focus on selling the models that were made in West Germany (older pieces) and Germany from the 1970’s thru the 1990’s.

Source for the above info is from Wikipedia.

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