Back in 1965, a 21-year old farm boy from Victor, Iowa with an ability to “fix things” opened his own welding shop, with a small bank loan and $25 in his pocket.

Everyone knew young Jon Kinzenbaw had a gift. But no one could have predicted his little welding business would grow into one of the largest, privately held agricultural equipment manufacturers in North America.

Jon’s first manufactured product: a 13-knife, 30-ft anhydrous ammonia application toolbar.

His first patented product: a high-clearance, variable-width moldboard plow.

His first major innovation: the first-ever single axle, low-profile grain cart (with giant high-flotation tires), designed and built in 1971. It revolutionized grain handling during harvest time.

The event that really changed Kinze, and farming, was a conversation Jon had with farmers in 1975. After hearing some of his friends complain about the amount of time they wasted constantly dismantling and loading their planters onto drop-bed trailers, Jon invented a rear-folding planter toolbar. And planting changed forever. Before the end of the decade, he added 600- and 800-bushel grain carts to the product line-up. And the ideas have kept coming.


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    1/64 Kinze Big Blue 640HP Twin Diesel 4WD Drive Tractor - SpecCast

    1/64 Kinze Big Blue 640HP Twin Diesel 4WD Drive Tractor – SpecCast

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